19 Lonza Executives Pitch in to Provide Hope

ROCKPORT — Knox County Homeless Coalition/Hospitality House (KCHC/HH) was honored to host an international group of Lonza executives for a team-building activity that also “pays it forward” in a Lonza community. On June 14, 2017, nineteen executives from around the United States and Europe, in town for a corporate meeting, came with work gloves to lend a hand on a number of projects around the Knox County Homeless Coalition/Hospitality House. The crews set to work pruning the hedges surrounding the property, water sealing the back deck and handicap ramp of the shelter, painting two fences that protect a children’s play area from the road and parking lot and left their mark on a newly planted herb garden. “We are so fortunate to have such caring businesses in our local area that are willing, not only to do a fundraiser to support our work (which Lonza employees executed earlier this spring), but also come over and see the operation and jump in to help with whatever is needed” said Becca Gildred, Director of Development for KCHC/HH. Rich Norman, president of the board at KCHC/HH stopped by to thank all of the volunteers.