Stephanie Primm Appointed Chair of Statewide Homeless Council

Stephanie & Teddy

Stephanie & Teddy

This week Governor Mills announced the appointment of KCHC's Executive Director, Stephanie (Steph) Primm as the new Chair of the Statewide Homeless Council.  Her two-year appointment was effective May 20th.

Steph Primm has been the Executive Director of the Knox County Homeless Coalition in Rockport since 2014 and has been instrumental in guiding its unique approach to holistic, client-centric care. Upon news of the appointment she stated, “It is an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to support the council members and charter. Together with our partners statewide, we will bring the best efforts and innovative thinking of this council to our ultimate purpose - ending homelessness in Maine. I look forward to working alongside our membership, honoring the good leadership Cullen Ryan has brought to all aspects- and moving ahead with renewed focus and energy.”

On behalf of Maine Housing, Director Daniel Brennan expressed his appreciation to Steph accepting this leadership position stating “We look forward to working with Steph and the entire Statewide Homeless Council to continue the important work of ending homelessness in Maine.” Direct Brennan echoed Primm’s appreciation for Cullen’s leadership and commitment, “Cullen assumed the duties of Acting Chair at a critical time in the Council’s history and is a strong advocate for homeless issues in the state.”

To find out more about how you can make a difference with those who are homeless in our area, contact the Knox County Homeless Coalition at (207) 593-8151 or

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