Program overview

The Knox County Homeless Coalition offers comprehensive programs and services to adults, families, and youth in Midcoast Maine. Our focus is to support clients to achieve sustainable independence and a hopeful future. We carefully build relationships by practicing honest and forthright communication, slowly earning trust. We work to maximize individual strengths and minimize barriers. We collaborate with community partners and support clients to find shelter, housing, childcare, physical and mental healthcare, transportation, as well as education, job-skills training, financial literacy and life-skills learning. In addition, we offer emergency services, food, clothing, and supplies, thanks, in part, to the in-kind donations we receive from this caring community. Above all, we embrace a client-centered approach and maintain support for as long as it takes for a client to rebuild confidence and achieve their goals. As a result, more than 90% of clients who complete our full program achieve sustainable independence.

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Client Care

Our client care team of professional case managers assists homeless individuals and families to transition from crisis and uncertainty to stability and hope. Every person who enters our program is unique, and so each plan for care and support is tailored to evaluate and address their most urgent needs on an economic, physical, emotional and psychological level. Our team brainstorms resources, builds connections with local partners, and provides access to support for hundreds of community members each and every year.


The Landing Place

The Landing Place is our comprehensive youth program which provides support for highly resilient and often marginalized youth living in Midcoast Maine.  Located in downtown Rockland, The Landing Place strives to compassionately engage with youth, ages 11 to 24, who are at “high-risk” of experiencing different types of adversity. We strive to inspire hope, restore purpose and belonging, and break cycles of poverty through outreach, case management, shelter solutions, and a youth center.


Hospitality House

The Hospitality House family shelter is an extended-stay facility designed to provide emergency shelter for families until they can secure permanent housing. Located in a renovated Rockport farmhouse, Hospitality House can accommodate up to 22 individuals at a time, half of whom are often children under age 13. The average stay is six to nine months. We offer a caring, supportive and safe environment, balanced with structured programming to prepare residents for a return to independent living.

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