Hospitality House

The Hospitality House saved us and nurtured us back to health, happiness, and a sense of home. We leave with full hearts and grateful tears
— Letter from a Hospitality House family

The Hospitality House is Knox County Homeless Coalition’s extended stay family shelter, located in Rockport. We provide a caring, temporary “home” for up to 22 individuals at a time, half of whom are usually babies, toddlers, or school-aged children. Most families will stay in the Hospitality House an average of 6 to 9 months, while working closely with our staff to access necessary resources, locate affordable housing, and prepare for their transition into stable, independent living.


The Hospitality House is located in an old farmhouse situated on a picturesque rural road in Rockport - boasting therapeutic ocean views from most of the living quarters. Once part of a Holstein farm that boasted hundreds of acres and a hundred head of cattle, it has had a number of "lives" before becoming the family shelter it is today. At one time it was a resting spot for those around the state visiting incarcerated family members at the state prison. It was then run as an overnight shelter by a different organization until it closed its doors in 2012. The community rallied together to meet the need and formed Knox County Homeless Coalition. We took over management of the Hospitality House and reopened the doors in February 2014. Since reopening, Hospitality House has blossomed into a warm, welcoming home, and sanctuary for community members struggling with homelessness.



With an average of 300 clients in our care at any given moment and only 22 beds available, we are challenged by a wait list of clients requesting placement in the Hospitality House. Our case management team works closely with all of our clients to find safe shelter. However, for the Hospitality House, we prioritize placement of homeless families with young children who have few options left and are often camping outside or taking shelter in their cars. In 2018, we delivered 5,438 bed nights of shelter at the Hospitality House, as well as supporting other clients to find temporary, emergency shelter in motels, campgrounds and other off-site locations. To address the growing need within our community, we are working to develop expanded shelter solutions.



The dedicated, 24-hour staff at the Hospitality House provides a safe, caring, and supportive temporary home for all of our residents. We welcome each new family and quickly connect them with resources and services, from food stamps to childcare to healthcare and much more. Staff cook a nutritious family-style meal each night for all to enjoy, volunteers provide childcare to single moms and dads so that they can attend appointments or seek employment, and our family development specialist schedules regular check-ins to ensure residents progress with their individualized plan of care. When setbacks occur or mistakes are made, our staff is here to provide steady, positive support and encouragement, delivered with respect and integrity. Once housing is secured and residents move out of our shelter and into their new home, the Hospitality House team gently transitions the family into our Aftercare program, where they continue to access support delivered by our professional case management team.

How To Help

Please consider becoming a volunteer or making a donation to support our work at the Hospitality House. If you or someone you know is struggling with homelessness, please contact us at (207) 593-8151 or to schedule an intake. Our case management team can provide emergency supplies, resources, and support for homeless families and individuals both before and after intake into our program.